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Welcome to the World of Bleach. Hollows roam Hueco Mundo and Karakura Town, terrorizing all creatures in their path as the Shinigami protect the Soul Society and Karakura town. Which side will you choose?
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 My next Char

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PostSubject: My next Char   Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:31 pm

My over all theme/layout of my next char. He isn't done but I'm working on it

Name: Kachinas

~Race Information~

Race: Rogue Shinigani

Commander:[ex commander for rogue shinigami]

~Combat Information~

Combat Strength: (also include a number ranging from 1-5 per strength. This will represent how strong the strength is. 1 Being a small strength, and 5 being a strong one. Max amount allowed is 30 points)

Combat Weaknesses: (also include a number ranging from 1-5 per weakness. This will represent how weak the weakness is. 1 Being a small weakness, and 5 being a strong one. Max amount allowed is 30 points)

Zanpakuto Name: Tōtemupōru

Zanpakuto Description:

Shikai(Shikai masterly picks 2 animals.)

Snake- His Zan becomes a 20ft snake whip.

Turtle- Zan becomes shield on left arm His Speedy increases greatly. His shield is bigger than people can see. It is also a invisible shield about 4 feet end to end that only blocks nonphysically based attacks Kido/cero/Arrows

Wolf- Zan becomes a 2 wolf shin guards Knee down. His kido skills increase greatly.

buffalo -Zan becomes a 2 buffalo shin guards Knee. His strength increases greatly. Kicks can fire energy blast

Hawk: Zan Becomes wings His Eyesight becomes greater he is able to the smallest details even can see people while they flash step. The wings can fire razor like feathers similar to Quincy arrows

The Animal chosen is based on the time of day

Day-A rainbow will appear in the sky
Star light: 27 small orbs of light appear that can fire beams of light
Light Shield: Creates a 360 degree shield made of light
Light step: flash step be far beyond the speed but leaves a then trail of Light from where he was standing.
Flash: He can move at the speed of light for a momnet to move away from danger use only 2 times

Night- A Full moon will appear in the sky
Shadow Step: Like flash be far beyond the speed but leaves a then trail of darkness from where he was standing.
Shadow Brother: His showdow lefts off the ground and becomes 3 perfect cones. The clones cant touch you or block if they are hit by a attack the turn back into darkness
Shadow Stalker: As long as he stands on your shadow he cannot be touch by that person
Shadow melt: I can only use this Twice. My body turns into pure darkness. He cant be touched or hurt.

TOTE POLE MODE: Gains power of Wolf/Buffalo/Snake/Hawk and turtle


Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6'4

Weight: 257


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My next Char
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