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Welcome to the World of Bleach. Hollows roam Hueco Mundo and Karakura Town, terrorizing all creatures in their path as the Shinigami protect the Soul Society and Karakura town. Which side will you choose?
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 Koga's FB idea ;)

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Koga [Ajiro Clone]
Ex-Captain of the 12th Division
Koga [Ajiro Clone]

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Name: Koga Wolf
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PostSubject: Koga's FB idea ;)   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:59 pm

~Personal Details~

Name: Toshi Kaneko
Kanji: 慧 金子
Rank: None
Nickname: Yoshi(was called this when in America)
Age: 17
Height: 5'9
Weight: 131
Build: Skinny yet athletic
Skin tone: light
Hair: red
Eyes: red
Nationality: Japanese,American
Blood type: Unknown
Family: Mother and Father,both alive.
Sexuality: straight, interested in women
Education:Current Student of Karakura High school.

~Extra Information~

Medical Problems:none
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Personality: Toshi is a simple highschooler who loves to watch action movies, especially one with explosions. He is kind but knows when to get serious. He is highly intellectual,being among the best of his school.
History/Bio: Toshi was originally born in Karakura town in Japan but moved to America when he was three years old. His mother being a doctor at the local hospital. His father pursaded Toshi's mother to go to America for awhile,he himself being American. Toshi lived in America for 9 years,living in Hawaii. Toshi learned Japanese from his mother and English from both school and his father. Toshi was usually called Yoshi back in Hawaii because of the resembelences of names.

Toshi has lived the remainder of his life in Karakura town. Now at the age of 17 he is a senior in the highschool.

~Combat information~

Combat Strengths: Strength (5) Speed(5) Spirit Control (5)
Combat Weaknesses: Stubborn(5)
Reiatsu Color: Crimson red
Reiatsu Amount: Immense
Reiatsu classification:
Fullbring name: Explosion
Fullbring Description: Toshi is able to create materials he is able to touch(discluding air,water and other things) into an explosive material. Making it retain the same form yet the inside change thus making it possible to make it explode with the word "Boom". This cannot be used on a living organism or anything with a living soul(Such as zanpaktous themselfs). The area caused to explode only cover what Toshi touches with his hand. To prevent it from blowing everything up Toshi must send reiatsu directly into the item he is touching and then say "boom" for the touched item(s) to explode.
Toshi's explosive power equals that of an m67 grenade per 5 inches that he cover. The ability can be noticed because it will leave a small print of what ever Toshi used to release his spirit energy onto said object.
However if the object,lets say his gum, which is yet to be opened, Toshi is able to put the printing on the gum itself instead of the the wrapper. So if the object is hidden by something such as a wrapper Toshi is able to move his spirit energy through the wrapper onto the real object.
Note:The spirit energy is sent at a low frequency and can be seen by the naked eye if payed attention. On a heat seeking radar it will appear as if a large bomb exploded when in fact only the energy to explode was sent.
How is your FB this power: Toshi has a deep love for action movies and watching explosions. He even is able to create bombs if he has the necessarily materials.

Complete Fullbring Description: Not yet complete


Two stacks of cards,50 cards each,both in his back pockets of his jeans.
Pack of gum(as shown in his picture) 7 sticks per pack. he has 2 packs,1 per front pocket.(Green apple flavored)


Likes: Explosions,women,women,women.
Dislikes:Women beaters,
Favorite foods: Spicey, sushi.
Least Favorite foods: Cheeses,excluding Mozzarella, sour cream,manayes.
Theme song:



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Koga's FB idea ;)
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