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Welcome to the World of Bleach. Hollows roam Hueco Mundo and Karakura Town, terrorizing all creatures in their path as the Shinigami protect the Soul Society and Karakura town. Which side will you choose?
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 Tsubasa Yasashi(back-up char)

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PostSubject: Tsubasa Yasashi(back-up char)   Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:54 pm

:Name:: Tsubasa yasashi
:Title:: none
:Nickname:: "turtle"

~Personal Information~


:Race:: Shinigami

:Age:: 21

:Birthday:: 10/03/1990

:Gender:: Male

:Height:: 6'0

:Weight:: 148 lbs.

:Build:: slender, moderate amount of muscle

:Skin Tone:: pale

:Eyes:: blue

:Hair:: silvery white

:Blood Type:: O negative

:Nationality:: Scottish

:Family:: human parents, powerless.

:sexuality:: bisexual(unknown to him)

:Relationship status:: single

:Personality:: pacifist, calm, compassionate, caring

:Medical problems:: dyslexia while under heavy stress

none. Fought a hollow after awakening shinigami powers, before being brought to the academy.

:Tattoo:: Nope!

:Hand Orientation:: left handed, minorly ambidextrous, fully ambidextrous while using his zanpakutous

:Background Information/history:: Tsubasa Yasashi, before his death, was a medical student at the nearby college. A pacifist, he felt that no situation that could be resolved with violence couldn't be solved with understanding instead. He was known for helping around the community, and died a hero, of sorts, saving a child from a moving subway train, but dying in the process when the train hit him. after this happened, he spent quite a bit of time as a plus, in limbo. A soul reaper by the name of Kotai Mokusei, attempted to use Konso on him, as his soul chain nearly frayed entirely, but was interrupted by a hollow attack. after several incidents, and Kotai nearly getting devoured, Tsubasa finally found the will to fight, and awakened his shinigami powers, by himself. At that point, he ended up defeating the hollow in front of him, and Kotai, despite his protests, escorted him to the academy...
~Profession Info~[/center]

:Affiliation:: Gotei 13

:Previously affiliated::

:Occupation:: Shinigami

:Team:: none

:Rank:: Student

:Partner:: none

:Base of Operations:: seireitei

:Combat Strength:: Zanpakutou(5) Zanjutsu (5) speed (5)

:Combat Weaknesses:: Hakuda(5) Pacifist confliction (3) stealth (2) refuses to use hado (5)


Reiatsu Color: Grey

Reiatsu shape: predatory bird

Reiatsu Type: vast

Reiatsu affinity: light and dark

Reiatsu amount: immense

Reiatsu classification: immense

~Powers and Abilities~

:Primary equipment::
Zanpakuto: The trademark weapons of the Shinigami. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakutō, and each Zanpakutō is unique: as the swords are both reflections of a Shinigami's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves

:Secondary equipment::
Reishi Knife: A knife left to Tsubasa by his grandfather, his care of it left reishi in it, as he unconsciously focused it into the knife as a human. the knife itself was a world war two combat knife, and is as a result reasonable sturdy, even more so after being filled with reishi.

~Zanpakuto Name~

Name: Hikari to yami no taishaku
Translation: Balance of light and darkness

~Characteristics Of Spirit~
Tsubasa has two different spirits, described below

Name: Protection of the dawn
Race: Zanpakuto
Type: light
Gender: male
Height: 4"6
Weight: 98 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond and spiky
Personality: Childlike, enthusiastic, hyper
Unique Characteristics: can change his appearance to a small amount, and can create items within Tsubasa's inner world, usually used to create humor or emphasize points
Description: Taking the form of a short, blonde kid, Protection is the "light" half of Tsubasa's zanpakuto.he has spiky blonde hair, and wears shorts and shirt with a jean vest, one of the few constant elements of his looks.

Name: Lady of the moon
Race: Zanpakuto
Type: darkness
Gender: female
Height: 5"8
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: brownish black
Hair: long brunette
Personality: quiet, reserved
Unique Characteristics: creates poetry, the basis of Tsubasa's own.
Description: A tall woman in a long, flowing black dress, with long brunette hair.

~Professional Status~[/center]

Partner: none


Reiatsu Color: grey

Reiatsu amount: immense

Reiatsu classification: Immense spiritual energy
This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

~Zanpakuto ~


Shikai: similar to the first picture, but two different katana, one gold in color, and the other silver.

Bankai:§ion=&global=1&q=buster+blade#/d2dvfzg , though with the handle within the blade, and with gold and silver coloring to them, similar to Tsubasa's shikai. additionally, he gains black leather armor, as part of his Bankai

~Zanpakuto (Powers and abilities given to user)~


Light abilities:

Kei kōsoku: Tsubasa can use the power of his light zanpakuto to increase his speed to up to twice a regular shunpo at a beginner level, and three times shunpo speed once he has attained shikai mastery. the main difference between shunpo and Kei Kosoku, is the kei kosoku leaves a light trail behind Tsubasa as it is used. The trail is white in color, and stays for two seconds after the ability is used. This ability is no more draining than a regular shunpo.

Raitoiryūjon: Tsubasa can manipulate light to create a sight illusion with his zanpakuto. The illusions takes three seconds to fully form, and seems to be a blob of light until then. at shikai mastery, it takes next to no time. This ability does not influence anything other than sight, including reishi sensing.

Seigyo sa reta shiryoku: If tsubasa can put his hand to an opponent's face, he can use his shikai to place reishi in the opponent's eyes, controlling their vision to his liking, for two minutes. it can be removed by anyone with the ability to manipulate reishi, but is minroly difficult to sense.

Hikari Bakudan: This technique fires a ball of light at an opponent, dealing only minor damage on impact but creating a massive explosion of light, blinding anyone who sees it. the explosion of light lasts for five seconds before being mastered, the length of which can be controlled, and to a maximum of ten seconds, at shikai mastery.

Darkness abilities:

Jūryoku no kyū:
This ability creates a ball of dark energy from Tsubasa's silver zanpakuto, and has a gravitic pull. the pull itself is weak, but can be used to pull smaller items to it. the ball itself can float in midair, and sits stationary wherever Tsubasa places it. Tsubasa can also use these to pull himself out of the way, their effects able to work better on him

Jūryoku seigyo:
This ability allows tsubasa to control his own weight, and gravity's hold of him, allowing him to make himself either lighter or heavier. this ability can only be used a maximum of every 5 seconds, and can be used to negate attacks, increase the strength of a blow, or to stop himself from being knocked back from an attack. the cooldown of the ability is shortened to 3 seconds upon shikai mastery.

Yin Yan no bakuhatsu:
A blast that can only be used when Tsubasa masters shikai, the blast requires tsubasa to point both his zanpakuto outwards. The blast that is fires is grey in color, a beam with a large spherical point to it,(though it pains me to say it this way, the best way to describe it is a grey kamehameha). The blast can atually be controlled by Tsubasa, it's course set by him, and can hit several times, creating several explosions of reiatsu, before using the rest of it's energy in one more massive explosion. the blast can hit twice, before the last hit, and the number increases to three times at bankai mastery. Tsubasa must be standing still, however, to control the blast, due to the concentration required to control it, and if he moves, or loses enough concentration, the blast will no longer be controlled by him, and will arc off straight in the direction it was going in before. the blast has a range of 100 feet.


Kyodaina kei kōsoku:
An improved version of Kei kosoku, Tsubasa can move at 5 times the speed of shunpo with this version. this improves to 7 times the speed at bankai mastery.

Kyomu no fukkatsu:
Tsubasa slowly stores reiatsu as he moves, his armor absorbing it from the land around him, which he can use to briefly move twice as fast, for a stronger strike, or to empower his Yin Yan no bakuhatsu, after it has had 15 of Tsubasa's post to charge. afterwards, it will try to store energy again, but it takes 5 more posts to charge for each use e.g 20 posts for a second use, 25 posts for a third use, etc.

Kyūkyoku Yin Yan no bakuhatsu:
Tsubasa's attack is now able to hit 5 times, 6 at bankai mastery, before hitting a final time, the attack itself is much stronger, and deals more damage upon hit. Tsubasa can use a somewhat different version while moving, and avoid the normal restriction, but can only hit once for the same amount of damage as one of it's weaker blasts if used in this manner. At Bankai mastery, Tsubasa can "hold" this blast inside his blade to increase the strength of his attacks.

Ijo Hikari Bakudan: The light blast can now persist for up to twenty seconds, cannot affect Tsubasa, and does do moderate damage on hit in bankai form.

Jūryoku no shihai: Juryuko seigo is now able to control nonliving, nonsentient objects in a short range around Ttsubasa as well, anything within ten feet can have it's gravity changed, for as long as it's within ten feet of Tsubasa. this effect does not have more of a drain depending on the weight of the object, but does depending on how much reishi it has.

Kage bunshin: Tsubasa can use his dark zanpakuto to create "clones" out of darkness, to a maximum of two when he first obtains bankai, and 3 upon mastery, that have one tenth the strength of the original, as well as taking on his appearance. they are tactile and able to affect the area around them. each lone takes 20% of Tsubasa's reishi to create

Juryoku no Kyu:
Tsubasa can create these very quickly now, and use them in a different function: Firing this at an opponent, they can stick to what they hit, and increase or decrease it's gravity by a factor of 1.5. This attack moves reasonable fast, much like a quincy's arrow, though more draining than any quincy arrow.


:Likes:: peace, games
:Dislikes:: violence, sneakers
:Favorite foods:: Ramen, dumplings
:Least Favorite foods:: Anything else
:Theme song:: none yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsubasa Yasashi(back-up char)   Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:14 pm

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Tsubasa Yasashi(back-up char)
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