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Welcome to the World of Bleach. Hollows roam Hueco Mundo and Karakura Town, terrorizing all creatures in their path as the Shinigami protect the Soul Society and Karakura town. Which side will you choose?
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 If I were a Quincy...

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PostSubject: If I were a Quincy...   Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:52 am

Name:Sasori Yai








Eye color:Brown

Hair color:Blonde

Tattoos:Dragon going up his right arm

Medical disorders:None

Blood type:A

Unique characteristics: Sasori is also a black belt in Karate, Muy Thai and Brazillan Justu.

Personality: Sasori is a very quiet individual. He likes to stay to himself because he was raised alone. He has some anger issues which causes him to act irrational sometimes making it seem as if he needs anger management.

Combat Style Description:Long and Medium Range

Combat Strengths:Accuracy 5, Speed 4, Strength 4

Combat Weakness:Blood Lust 5,Anger 4, Stubborn 4

Kojaku Name:Harikonotora

Kojaku Description: His Bow is in the shape of a tigers head on a cross. The tiger lets out a small roar before it opens it mouth so Arrows can be fired out of it. After firing each arrow the Tiger shows it fangs showing it wants more combat.

Ginrei Kojaku Name:Tsuin Harikonotora

Ginrei Kojaku Description: His bow now has two tigers head on a cross facing each other with their mouth facing outwards toward his opponent. There roar is even louder than his normal Kojaku form.

Bio:To Be Finished Later...
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Koga [Ajiro Clone]
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Koga [Ajiro Clone]

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PostSubject: Re: If I were a Quincy...   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:21 pm

uumm the blood lust and stubborn kinda criss cross each other. Because if u were hungry to kill someone then u would still stand there and continue to fight,just like a stubborn person.



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Honjo [Maka]
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Honjo [Maka]

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PostSubject: Re: If I were a Quincy...   Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:03 pm

tis true but the blood lust makes him likely to attack his team mates if provoked i believe
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PostSubject: Re: If I were a Quincy...   

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If I were a Quincy...
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