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 BRPG Christmas Event Story

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PostSubject: BRPG Christmas Event Story   Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:02 pm

“A very Shini and Hollow Night” by Lightning

Shinigamis and Hollows declared a two days peace between them (24th and 25th December) so they could spend Christmas together. They rented a big hotel with a huge ball room with Higashi and Prince’s banked money; and all the level holders contributed with some money for the decorations and the tree.
Granny Oro was baking on the kitchen, along with Lightning, Kisa, Shakedown, Kyuu and Haze. The kitchen was a mess, as the girls worked to make delicious cakes, cookies and even chocolates, shaped in most various forms. Oro was watching carefully, teaching and yelling when things were being done the wrong way…. Like when she saw Kyuu making bunny shaped cookies instead of reindeer shaped ones…
- Kyuu… What is that?! – Granny Oro said.
- Bunnies! Aren’t they cute?
- This is not Easter time, this is Christmas time! You were supposed to shape the cookies like reindeers, not bunnies!
- But… Bunnies are way cuter…
- Fix them. Don’t make granny get the belt…
- No, not the belt! – Kyuu said, hopping away.
- Come here bunneh, bunneh… Granny Oro has to teach you a lesson ~ - She said, chasing the poor bunny shini with her belt.
After a few laps around the kitchen, they both stopped abruptly. Kisa gave the alert: two cakes and two pies had been stole while everyone was distracted.
Who could have done such thing?

In the meanwhile, InariUnchiha AKA Fluffy and Zerorin were hidden under a table on the ball room, happily eating what they stole from the kitchen. KogaWolf was passing near the table when he noticed fluffy’s fur coming out from under the table. We raised the towel that was covering the view and stared at both of them.
- If you don’t tell them we stole the cakes we share them with you! – Fluffy said, trying to allure Koga with a nice slice of cake.
- Deal. – He agreed, grabbing the slice and joining them under the table.
After all the decorations being all hanged, everyone stared at the empty spot were the Christmas tree should had been placed.
- Who was supposed to get the tree…? – big_deceiver asked, looking around with a suspicious expression.
- One of the shinis I suppose. – skullcrusher spoke, all the hollows now looking at the shinis waiting for a reaction.
When Ukitake was about to speak, Raventus kicked the ball’s room door open and made his way in, dragging a huge tree with him.
- Sorry, it took me a while. – He said, putting the tree in its spot on the room. – This one was hard to get. Some… issues came from it.
Where did he went to get that tree? And what issues is he talking about? Everyone wonders.

- What issues are you talking about Raventus? – Demon_Kyo finally asked, putting his Sake bottle away.
- Well… - he started – I went to the place where they were selling the trees and I found this good one among some really crappy ones. I grabbed it right away and went to pay it, when this crazy old lady attacked me saying she saw the tree first…
Everyone in the room started to laugh. Poor Raventus was not finding it all that funny…
- Maybe it was Oro disguised. – Souledge said, being granted with a smack in the head shortly after. When he turned to complain, he saw Oro behind him with a mad face. So he apologized and got quiet in his corner.
The girls that were on the kitchen brought all the cakes, pies and chocolates they made to the ball room, filling the tables with tasty looking sweets.
- Everyone dig in! – Shakedown announced, making everyone in the room rush to the tables to grab some food.
During this time, Lightning sat near the fireplace watching everyone. Kyuu was hoping on the tree, placing the decorations that Kisa was throwing from below; Shakedown was yelling at Fluffy and Zerorin for stealing those pies, while KogaWolf was slowing moving away to escape her wrath… But what really caught her eye was the fact that Snow was happily hanging mistletoe around the room. When he was done, he sat next to her grinning.
For what purpose he did it, she wondered…

- So… Why did you hang all that mistletoe for? – Lightning asked, raising one eyebrow.
- To create some entertainment… You’ll see…
In fact, funny things happened. When people started to move away from the tables, the majority noticed what was hanged and moved away, avoiding it. But a few didn’t. ReploidZero and KogaWolf were talking about Pokemon when they noticed they were standing under one…
- Awkward… - Zero said.
- Nah… - Koga fired a hado and burned the mistletoe, moving away from Zero, who stayed puzzled at the same spot.
Oathkeeper saw the mistletoe and happily ran towards big_deceiver.
- Hubby, will you kiss me under it? – She asked, point to one.
- I’ll do more than just kiss you wifey ~
Kyuu and Ichiru end up under one too. Ichiru happily got ready to get a kiss… But all he got was a bunny kick in the butt.
NumberSevin quickly stand under one, trying to get Veri’s attention. Lightning watched it closely… But when she saw Veri happily walking to his trap…

… She quickly grabbed her gunblade, shooting Sevin on the shoulder. He felt on his side, so when Veri reached to see if he was okay, they were no longer under the mistletoe.
- I told you hun that it would create some awkward situation. – Snow spoke, smiling towards her.
- I noticed. Shame I had to shoot someone… But it’s always fun when that happens ~
For the rest of night, Hollows and Shinis eat and drank together… Till everyone passed out after drinking too much eggnog ~

~ The end ~
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PostSubject: Re: BRPG Christmas Event Story   Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:05 pm

Lol xD nice



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BRPG Christmas Event Story
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